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Students may only submit one bursary application form, to be considered for all the bursaries that StudyTrust managers. That means that an application for e.g. a FNB Fund bursary will also be considered for a StudyTrust access bursary and vice versa. Applicants will be required to indicate their first choice of bursary, e.g. “Investec”. StudyTrust awards sponsored bursaries based on academic merit, financial need and according to the sponsors requirements.

Toyota SA Motors Bursary

Toyota South Africa Motors bursary fund has been established in an effort to provide support to its communities, specifically to emerging talent who proudly display commitment and excel academically. We believe that such talent belongs here, with us, at Toyota influencing the future of mobility in Africa and beyond. Toyota recognizes the value of bridging the gap between tertiary education and the world of work. Our vision is not only to contribute financially but to equip successful candidates with workplace experience through vacation work and potential exposure to our flagship graduate programme.

Standard Bank 150 Bursary Programmes

In honour of Standard Bank’s 150th anniversary in 2012, StudyTrust launched the 150 Bursary fund. This fund provides a full-cost sponsorship to tertiary students. The bursary is designed to promote academic excellence and shape the next generation of African talent and African leaders within South Africa and the continent at large.

Old Mutual Imfundo Trust Scholarship

The Imfundo Trust, is an Old Mutual Investment Group scholarship initiative that aims to upskill black investment professionals and grow the pool of suitably qualified individuals in the asset management industry. Imfundo means education in Zulu. True to its name, since its inception in 2011, the Trust has spent approximately R4m per annum on university scholarships. The Trust assists black students, particularly women, to pursue their tertiary education at select South African universities. There are between 30 and 40 bursary beneficiaries on the programme per annum.

DAFI (Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Programme)

Since 1992, DAFI, has provided scholarships to more than 6 000 deserving refugees worldwide to study at universities in their host country and, more recently, in their country of origin upon return. Financed by the German Government, DAFI provides an opportunity for refugees to pursue tertiary while outside their country of origin. DAFI provides access to education and skills for refugees, vital towards the reconstruction of conflict affected countries.

Investec CSI Bursary Programme

Investec, offers full cost bursaries to students who aim to study full time towards an undergraduate degree in Commerce, Business Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology or a Commercial LLB. These degrees represent fields of relevance to the financial services sector. Bursaries are awarded on the basis of merit and financial need and for studies at select South African universities.

FNB Fund Bursary Programme

The FNB Fund Bursary Programme provides access to tertiary education to learners on the basis of academic merit and financial need. This is a partial bursary, towards tertiary education. Applicants are advised to also apply for a study loan, through the Financial Aid Office of their university of choice, from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) to cover the shortfall of the partial bursary and their university costs. Terms and conditions apply.

AVI Bursary Programme

AVI’s bursary programme provides vacation work opportunities for all their bursars, as well as graduate development positions to those who have completed their studies. The company also runs a volunteer industry mentor programme for its bursars and StudyTrust employees are regularly benefitting from the mentor training offered by AVI’s Learning and Development department. Vacation work opportunities are offered to non-AVI sponsored students through its Spitz and Kurt Geiger stores. StudyTrust works with beneficiaries from its other CSI programmes, providing bursaries for alumni of these programmes.

Promaths Bursary Fund

Promaths, is a programme delivered by Kutlwanong Maths, Science and Technology Centre. The programme, funded by Investec, provides extra Maths and Science classes to high school learners to boost their performance in these subjects. With a 13 year track record, Promaths produces learners who are proficient in Maths and Science as well as driven, ambitious students. Many of these students however are unable to secure bursaries to study further. The Promaths Bursary Fund is specifically designed for Promaths alumni who lack the funding to pursue a tertiary education.
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