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StudyTrust receives funds from various private and corporate donors to administer in the form of bursaries and scholarships.

Prospective candidates are encouraged to apply online by way of our state-of-the-art profile-based application facilities.

Our Xhuma (WhatsApp) application platform is undergoing some urgent updates and will be ready for applications on 12 April 2021.

All bursary applications

The Xhuma application channel works with WhatsApp.

XhumaIf you are applying for funding at a tertiary institution, and have access to a smartphone with WhatsApp, please apply here.

PLEASE NOTE: When you register on Xhuma, you will receive two links: a link to apply for a StudyTrust administered bursary and a link to a career assessment.

1. It is free to apply for a StudyTrust administered bursary.

2. The Career assessment has a cost involved. You can choose to complete the assessment at a cost to yourself and for your own benefit. StudyTrust does not have access to and won’t use any information obtained through the assessment. If you don’t complete the assessment, it will not affect your application for a bursary.

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StudyTrust is an educational trust and public benefit organisation, that connects learners with potential to their study opportunities.

We administer bursaries and scholarships, provide mentoring and support to help tertiary students thrive academically and personally.


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