2019 Bursary Application Season now closed

2019 Bursary Application Season now closed


ProMaths Bursary FundBackground
Promaths, is a programme delivered by Kutlwanong Maths, Science and Technology Centre, the programme was in response to the low Maths and science results in the high schools, and has aimed to support high school learners to improve their performance in Maths and Science. The programme is funded by Investec and a number of other funders.

With an 11 year history and track record, Promaths prides itself in not just producing learners who are strong in Maths and Science but also learners who are well rounded, ambitious, disciplined, and achievers against all odds. These students have, as a result of the programme gone on to pursue being active economic participants, self-employed and leaders in their own right.

In spite of Promaths’ success, not all of the beneficiaries are able to secure bursaries for tertiary studies, for that reason there is a need for a Promaths Bursary Fund, specifically designed for Promaths alumni who don’t have funds to pursue their tertiary studies.

•    Provide bursaries to Promaths alumni who are academically and financially deserving and are currently registered in a South African tertiary institution.
•    Improving their chances of completing their tertiary studies. 
•    Decrease the number of well deserving Promaths students who matriculate with good results and don’t continue their studies.
•    Increase good role modelling within communities that Promaths operates in.

Promaths bursary fund structure and administration
•    The fund is envisaged to be a collaborative effort between all corporate, NGO’s and other entities that offer bursaries within rare skills courses.
•    The fund is to operate as an independent entity from all its donors and partners.
•    It is proposed that the fund be administered fully by the StudyTrust, an independent bursary management organisation that has been in this space for forty years, of which we have been in partnership for 12 years.
•    StudyTrust will earn 10% to 15% of the disbursed funds in management fees.
•    It is encouraged that the funders of the fund are to form an advisory committee that meets on advisory basis with the administering organisation.

Bursary Fund Application process
•    South African citizen.
•    Attended a Promaths or Kutlwanong centre across the country.
•    Accepted at a reputable tertiary institution for a rare skills degree or national diploma in South Africa.

How to get involved
Corporates and individuals can get involved in the following ways but not limited to:
•    Put actual money in the trust for a specified number of bursaries for the duration of beneficiary/ies university degree. (Individuals and Corporates).
•    Sponsor a certain number of bursaries for a specialization of your choice i.e. medicine, aviation, engineering, commerce, etc. (Corporates).
•    Pledge to sponsor a number of individuals (Individuals and corporates).
•    Contribute what they can to the trust (Individuals and Corporates).

♦ Link to secure funding web page.

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Promaths Awards Ceremony 2017

Promaths Awards 2017 1
Promaths Awards 2017 2
Promaths Awards 2017 3
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