Guide to applying online for a StudyTrust-administered bursary on Leaply

Leaply Bursary Application Guide

Once you clicked on our online application link, you will be asked for your personal information – no problems there. Things start to get a little tricky when you must give information on your qualifications.
Leaply uses the term “qualification” for any academic milestone you aim to achieve or have achieved. Grade 12, or the National Senior Certificate (NSC) is also a qualification. Leaply will ask you to start with your Gr 12 (matric) results:


Select qualification

The easiest at this stage is to enter the name of your high school and the drop-down on Leaply will show this name in combination with the National Senior Certificate. For instance, looking for Harrismith Secondary:

National Senior Certificate

Once you select the name of your school, the following qualification will be registered:

School name

Leaply determines what you have completed and what you are currently enrolled for or intend enrolling for next year by asking for start and completion dates. Always select 1 January and the year you started with a qualification as the start date and as completion date select 31 December of the end year (when you completed or intend completing the qualification). Start with matric, or the National Senior Certificate that is regarded by Leaply as a one-year qualification.

Qualification date

Start date

Completion date

If you are in Gr 12, you must now provide the aggregate obtained in your mid-year examination. If you already completed Grade 12, you must provide the aggregate of your final results, using a slider:

Aggregate results

The next step is to submit your post-school qualification, the study programme you intend enrolling for next year, or will continue with next year, or will complete this year.
The answer to the question Leaply asks at this stage is obviously “Yes” – you are still busy adding qualifications:

Other qualifications

Leaply now asks for an institution (e.g. a university) and a qualification (e.g. a degree or diploma programme). Leaply is quite clever. You only have to type “UJ Marketing” if you intend studying or are already studying towards a degree or diploma in Marketing at the University of Johannesburg. Leaply will provide you with a drop-down of all variants of Marketing study programmes offered at UJ. The same goes for all programmes at all other institutions.


Then the dates again – e.g. a second-year student in 2019 will indicate the start date as 1 January 2018:

Dates again

And the completion date as a date in December 2020 (because it is a three-year qualification):

Completion date

And the aggregate of the academic results obtained in mid-year or in the final examination:

Mid-year aggregate

If you are completing a post-school qualification this year and are applying for a bursary to enroll for a post-graduate qualification next year (e.g. B Tech, or Hons or Masters), you will add a third qualification – with a 1 January 2020 start date and no results (stating “I don’t know” when the results aggregate is asked).
Or you will say “Yes”, if you are now done with listing your qualifications.

Leaply will now ask about your work or volunteering experience. This information is optional, but we recommend that you do tell us about your activities in this regard:

Volunteering experience

Leaply will now calculate for which of the StudyTrust-administered bursary opportunities you qualify, for example, in this case the applicant only qualifies for the Toyota bursary:

Bursary opportunities

By clicking on the green “Apply now” (for a Toyota bursary), and after indicating your geographical preference (it is better to select all the sites where a particular company has Headquarters), you will be asked to complete the sketchy information already provided, and to upload supporting documents.
First and foremost, you will be asked to submit a biography. Leaply explains what a good biography entails:


You will be asked to supply your matric subjects with individual results obtained (either in the mid-year or the final examination), and to upload your official NSC or June school report card:

Individual results

The same goes for your post-school results – click on the + for every subject or module you have a result for and upload your full academic record by clicking “Transcript”.:


Your Leaply CV that will be used in our selection process covers various aspect of your application – each can be completed and revised until your application is complete (before or on 30 September!):

Leaply CV

Throughout, Leaply will inform you about your progress on your Dashboard, and will list the items you still have to attend to before your application will be complete:

Application progress

You will also receive emails asking you to confirm your email address and informing you about the state of your application.
Once your application is complete, please wait for further email communication from Leaply.
We hope you enjoy applying through our online application platform, powered by Leaply!

Do not hesitate to click the chatbox iconChatbox

on Leaply to ask questions or write to for further clarification.
The StudyTrust Applications and Leaply Support Teams are at your service.


This Leaply Application Guide may be downloaded below.

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