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Join us in commemorating five decades of empowering students and shaping futures through dedicated bursary management, mentorship, and talent development.

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Celebrating a Milestone

As we mark our 50th anniversary, we reflect on the countless lives transformed through our bursary programs and mentorship initiatives. Our alumni have gone on to achieve remarkable success, and we are proud to share their stories.

A Legacy of Support

StudyTrust has been a beacon of hope for students from diverse backgrounds, providing the financial and emotional support needed to excel academically and professionally. Our alumni’s achievements are a testament to the power of education and mentorship.

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We invite you to join us in celebrating this significant milestone. Hear from our alumni, learn about their journeys, and see how StudyTrust has made a lasting impact on their lives. Together, we continue to build a brighter future for the next generation of leaders.

Alumni Spotlight

Thabang Selota

Thabang Selota

Sasol Inzalo Foundation Bursary 2011 to 2015
B Sc Chemical Engineering
ESG Investment Analyst

Congratulations on reaching this incredible milestone of 50 years! Your dedication to empowering dreams and transforming lives has made a profound impact on countless individuals, me included. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to excellence and for being a beacon of hope and inspiration. Here’s to the next 50 years of making a difference in the lives of scholars around the world!

My Journey with StudyTrust – Paying it Forward
Over a decade ago, I received a notification that would change the course of my life – I was awarded a Sasol Inzalo foundation bursary through StudyTrust to pursue my chemical engineering studies. It was a moment of disbelief and overwhelming gratitude. Growing up with limited means, the prospect of attending university seemed like a distant dream. But StudyTrust believed in me, and their support opened doors that I never thought possible.

As I embarked on my journey through chemical engineering, the road ahead seemed daunting. The coursework was challenging, the exams rigorous, and doubts crept in at every turn. Yet, amidst the struggles, StudyTrust was there, a steady presence offering guidance and encouragement. Their mentorship went beyond financial assistance; it was a lifeline during the toughest of times.
Through StudyTrust, I found a community of fellow scholars who shared my aspirations and drive. Together, we formed a support network, lifting each other up and pushing boundaries in pursuit of excellence. It was in these moments of camaraderie that I realized the true power of education to transform lives.

As the years passed, I poured myself into my studies, fuelled by the belief that I was capable of achieving greatness. And in 2015, that belief was affirmed when I graduated. But the impact of StudyTrust went far beyond academic accolades. Their unwavering support instilled in me a sense of purpose – a desire to pay it forward and make a difference in the world.

Today, I stand on the precipice of a new chapter as I work in Finance as an ESG Investment Analyst. The skills learnt from engineering are still applicable here and I am able to provide positive impact in the finance world. StudyTrust did something for me that I could never repay, so instead, I am using my line of work in impact investing to pay it forward.

I am filled with gratitude for the journey that brought me here. StudyTrust not only facilitated the funding of my education but also ignited a passion for creating positive change. Their belief in me was the catalyst for my success, and I am forever indebted to them for the opportunities they provided.
So, to StudyTrust, I say thank you – thank you for believing in me, for investing in my future, and for showing me the power of education to transform lives. The world is a better place because of organizations like StudyTrust, and I am living proof of their impact.

Shandré Smith

Shandré Smith

Old Mutual Investment group Imfundo trust Bursary 2016-2020
Bachelor of Laws
Associate: Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr Inc.

We live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. It’s easy to say it’s not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem, then there are those who see the need and respond. I consider those people my heroes.”
— Fred Rogers
“Keep doing the amazing work you are doing!

Making dreams a reality, one bursary at a time!
I can vividly remember the day I attended the interview for the OMIG Imfundo Trust scholarship, administered by StudyTrust. 17-year-old me was very nervous, but I remained myself throughout the interview and the interviewers saw something in me.

I will forever be indebted to StudyTrust for making my dream a reality. Today, 26-year-old me is able to reflect on my university years and be grateful that all I had to do was focus on studying, and StudyTrust took care of the rest! StudyTrust even went a mile further by hosting regular workshops which developed my skills and ensured that I am adequately prepared for the workplace, and hosted regular check-in sessions (which kept me going and became a source of motivation).

The staff at StudyTrust became my family and I will forever be grateful that I was able to achieve my dream of becoming an Attorney all because StudyTrust believed in me.

Jean Claude Nsabimana

Jean Claude Nsabimana

DAFI Scholarship for Refugees 2026-2018
Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
Lecturer at Open Window

Thank you for everything you have done for me. Please continue to empower young people and be a family to everyone you serve.

A Story of Hope
During my second year of studies at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, I faced a significant financial challenge that almost forced me to drop out of school. Fortunately, a call from StudyTrust changed everything. They informed me that I had been awarded the DAFI Scholarship for Refugees, which I had applied for the previous year, but was waitlisted. This scholarship was a second chance at life, and I was determined to make the most of it. I promised myself that I would work harder, excel in my studies, and repay the kindness shown to me.

StudyTrust provided us with numerous workshops that helped us not only with our studies, but also with personal challenges that many of us faced as refugees. It was during one of these workshops that I met Barbara Nussbaum, who was a close friend of Dr Murray Hofmeyr. I later shared a video of myself receiving the top performer and best portfolio award from the Dean for my BTech (Bachelor of Technology in Photography), which impressed Barbara and led to her introducing me to Barbara Fassler, the owner of the Stellenbosch Academy where I pursued my honours degree, fully funded.

I completed my Honours with distinction, and Associate Professor Svea Josephy, who was the external moderator from the University of Cape Town at the time, was impressed with my work and offered to supervise my Masters degree. She facilitated my scholarship application, and I was admitted to the University of Cape Town. I completed my Masters with a high distinction of 88%, and I now lecture at a prestigious private university, Open Window Institute in Centurion, Pretoria.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to DAFI, StudyTrust, Dr Murray Hofmeyr, Barbara Nussbaum, Barbara Fassler, and Svea Josephy for their invaluable contribution towards my future. Their efforts have been instrumental in shaping my educational journey and paving the way for my success. I am incredibly thankful for their support, which has enabled me to achieve my goals and pursue my passions. Their contributions have not gone unnoticed, and I will forever be grateful for their unwavering commitment to my development.

Yasmeen Noor De Villiers

Yasmeen Noor De Villiers

Investec CSI Bursary from 2020-2022
BSc Computer Science & Computer Engineering
Platform Engineer Graduate role at CSG International

Congratulations StudyTrust on 50 years of developing talent and helping students! I thank you for everything you have done so far and wish you another 50 years more.

StudyTrust, the backbone of my studies
StudyTrust went above and beyond with its support for me during my studies, allowing me to fall back on it whenever I needed to.

The first time StudyTrust helped me was by accepting me in the first place and presenting me as a candidate for the Investec CSI Bursary Programme. My backup plan of trying to get funding through NSFAS wasn’t coming through, due to errors at Home Affairs, and I was at risk of not being able to start my studies in time due to the uncertain funding situation. StudyTrust, though, was there to facilitate my selection for an Investec bursary to cover the costs and allow me to continue as planned.

Another time StudyTrust was able to get me out of a difficult situation was when I was struggling with a few of my courses. There were two courses I was especially worried about potentially failing, and I was able to get access to group and individual tutoring at the time to push me through them. Without this extra support, I might not have passed.

Overall, it was incredibly comforting to know that I wasn’t going through my studies and the difficulties I would face during them on my own, and that there were others backing me up whenever I needed anything.

StudyTrust provides excellent mentoring, support, and administration services to the students they cover. They take care of everything a student could possibly need, while being open to hearing how they could help further. I was able to get access to anything from a mentor to my monthly allowance with minimal hassle and while feeling like I was important to the bursary. The individual experience of each student is slightly different based on who the donor sponsoring them is, but overall there’s a sense of community and shared experience among the students and administration.

The extra support is invaluable to helping develop more talented youth while also changing their and their families’ lives.

Thembalake Beja

Thembalake Beja

Standard Bank CSI bursary 2017 to 2021
B Sc Acturarial Science
Risk Analyst at Standard Bank

I genuinely just wanted to say and show my eternal gratitude to this organization for changing my life completely and I wish you all 50 more years!

The day StudyTrust took me to the skies
I had just finished my matric exams in 2016 and early December I got a call from a stranger but yet with a comforting voice from a lady who said “am I speaking to Mr Beja?” I was never referred to like this before ever in my life until that moment.

“You are speaking to Nonhlanhla and we’d like to invite you for Standard Bank bursary interviews over at GLC in Johannesburg.” As a young kid at the time I was trying to process it all in my head as this never happened before, trying and grappling to come up with an appropriate response – I was lost for words!
The kind soul Nonhlanhla was in that moment trying to find out if I am still on the line, “Mr Beja? are you still there? or you are still processing it all?” (laughing). She just understood what the call and the moment meant for me, that the silence I was afraid would be making it awkward wasn’t doing any of that at all.
A flight was confirmed to be booked for me by the end of that day and they couldn’t wait to get to meet me.

That’s just one – out of many – small stories I could tell about the journey I shared with this organization and it is the very 1st step they took with me and it encapsulates everything I love and cherish about their work for me and everyone whose life they touched. The love, the care and genuine understanding of changing the entire trajectory of someone’s life and what it means for that individual. Also the support they gave every step of the way is none I’ve ever seen and expected before, they really went out of their way.

You will all always have a special place in my heart from Mr Murray to Nonhlanhla, Sibusiso and Buhle and everyone in the organization, they really helped a boy from Motherwell to always know that there’s more to life than what he only saw all his life prior to that one fateful call in the middle of December from Nonhlanhla. I promise I didn’t cry whilst writing this!

Nomfundo Sibanyoni

Nomfundo Sibanyoni

N6 Electrical Engineering
Sasol Energy Bursary 2022
Graduate trainee

May StudyTrust continue to do good for their beneficiaries and may it continue to grow. It has wonderful team and I was blessed to have had the privilege to interact with some of the team members.”

It’s possible to achieve anything in life if you have the right support
Being with StudyTrust was one of the best experiences I had in my tertiary life. The support, the motivation they offer is the best. It is a blessing for one to be a part of an organization that cares for our education as young people. I believe I was also motivated to do well at the college because of StudyTrust team. Because after each trimester they will go through your results and if maybe you’re having some problems and you need someone to talk to, you knew that through StudyTrust you will be provided with someone to give you counselling regarding what you will be dealing with at that time.

Justin Gerhardt

Justin Gerhardt

Investec CSI Bursary 2007 to 2011
Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting (PGDA)
Executive – Strategy Growth & Innovation, at a Sydney-based Advanced Analytics firm

Thank you for 50 years of changing lives. Your bursaries and support have been a lifeline for so many students, including me. You believed in me when I doubted myself and helped me achieve my dreams. You’re more than just a bursary program, you’re a family. Here’s to many more years of making a difference!

A place of Support and Belonging
My time with StudyTrust was more than just receiving a bursary. It was finding a community of support and encouragement that felt like an extension of my family.
What I recall most fondly has to be my regular catch-ups with Jan and Murray. They offered a listening ear, celebrated my achievements, and provided unwavering support during challenging times. Their belief in me helped me believe in myself, even when I doubted my own abilities.

The annual trips to Investec’s head office were equally impactful. Meeting other bursary recipients who shared similar backgrounds and aspirations fostered a sense of belonging I had never experienced before. We shared our struggles and triumphs, knowing we weren’t alone in our journey.

Investec through StudyTrust provided the financial means to pursue my education, but it was the human connection and unwavering belief that truly made the difference. They helped me overcome self-doubt and gave me the confidence to reach for my goals.
I will always be grateful for the support I received. It played a crucial role in shaping who I am today.

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