UNHCR’s higher education scholarship programme, DAFI, helps refugees worldwide to access higher education. The scholarships of around 100 refugee students sponsored by DAFI in South Africa are administered by StudyTrust, the UNHCR’s South African implementing partner.

Read more about the DAFI Scholarship Programme here.

Socionext offers world class hands-on training in social innovation, entrepreneurship skills development and rapid prototyping based on the Lean Start-up methodology. StudyTrust has partnered with Socionext since 2009 and the annual Social Entrepreneurship Challenge is offered as a programme of the StudyTrust Winter Seminar.

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R1 billion+ in bursaries to students

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StudyTrust is an educational trust and public benefit organisation, that connects learners with potential to their study opportunities.

We administer bursaries and scholarships, provide mentoring and support to help tertiary students thrive academically and personally.


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