Roggeveld Wind Farm Bursary Programme

Roggeveld Wind Power Bursary Programme

Roggeveld Wind Power invites bursary applications from prospective and current students at public and accredited private South African institutions of higher learning (FETCs, Universities of Technology and Universities). Applicants must live in Laingsburg/Maitjiesfontein and Sutherland areas and must be South African citizens.

Who can apply

Applicants from present students at South African public tertiary institutions of higher learning or students who will commence with their study programmes who live in the Laingsburg/Maitjiesfontein and Sutherland areas will be considered.

Bursary details

Bursary allocations made are limited by the budget availability for a particular year.

  • Academic excellence – Selection will be done on the basis of Grade 12 (final or mid-year) results and/or tertiary academic records.
  • Financial need: Applicants must be able to demonstrate that the combined family income (gross) does not exceed R600,000 p/a.
  • Eligible institutions: Bursaries are available for public tertiary institutions.
  • In instances where all applicants display academic excellence, preference will be given to the applicant with the greatest financial need.

Selection criteria

 A limited number of bursaries will be allocated to the most deserving candidates in terms of the above criteria.

Applications for Honors and B Tech degrees, and other post-graduate qualifications, will be assessed in terms of whether the added qualification will enhance an applicant’s chances to find employment.

How to apply

  • Applications must be completed on StudyTrust’s online application platform to be considered for a bursary for the next year.
  • Please send your completed application form and supporting documents to
  • Only applications from South African citizens will be considered.

Closing date

  • Application Season: 01 May to 31 October.
  • Please carefully read the instructions on our Bursary Applications page before beginning your application.
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