Royal Impact Futures Scholarship

Developing the next generation of Bafokeng tech talent and innovators

The Royal Impact Futures Scholarship funds Bafokeng scholars pursuing first-time undergraduate studies in the Science, Tech, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) fields. We are cultivating the next generation of Bafokeng entrepreneurs, tech leaders & innovators.

Two Bafokeng matriculants intending to study towards a STEM-related degree in 2023 will be selected for the scholarship. Applications will close on 30 September 2022.

Who is Royal Impact?

Royal Impact is the social innovation platform of the Royal Bafokeng Nation Development Trust (RBNDT). We are focused on solving local Bafokeng socio-economic problems with bottom-up solutions using tech, disruptive thinking and innovative ideas.

Our mission at Royal Impact is to build a world-class social innovation platform that creates long-term positive impact that reverberates throughout the Royal Bafokeng Nation (the Nation) and will echo across future generations. This we will achieve by harnessing the collective power, ideas, and potential of the ‘People of the Dew’. As a platform established by the Nation, traditional values and continuous innovation are in our DNA.

    What we are looking for

    • BAFOKENG HERITAGE: Applicants must be from the Royal Bafokeng Nation (RBN)

    • ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: Applicants must have achieved excellent academic results (80%+ in Math & Science and an overall average of 75%+)

    • PASSION: Applicants must demonstrate a passion for making a positive impact in the RBN and the world with the knowledge and skills they will acquire through their studies

    • FINANCIAL NEED: Applicants with a proven financial need will be given preference

    • ACCEPTANCE LETTER: Applicants must have received an acceptance letter from an accredited South African university for one or more of the qualifications covered by the scholarship

      Fields of study

      • Computer Science

      • Software Engineering

      • Computer Engineering

      • Data Science / Engineering

      • Mathematics or Statistics

      • Physics

      • Biochemistry

      • Biology

      • Chemistry

      • Actuarial Science

      • Quantitative Finance

      • Mechatronic Engineering

      • Chemical Engineering

      • Mechanical Engineering

      • Electrical Engineering

      • Aeronautical Engineering

      • Astronomy

      • Any other STEM qualifications with a strong quantitative focus.

        What the Scholarship covers

        The Scholarship will cover the following costs (which will be capped):

          • Tuition fees as prescribed by the university

          • Accommodation in a university residence (1st preference) or private student accommodation 

          • Meals provided by the university residence or self-catering (monthly stipend)

          • Books 

          • A monthly stipend

          • Transport to go home over holidays which shall be capped to the cost of 4 round trip bus tickets

          • Laptop

        Scholarship conditions

        • Students must achieve an academic average of at least 60% each year during their university studies
        • Students will be required to serve a work back period with the RBNDT or its innovation entities, equivalent to the years they have been funded under the scholarship; OR

        • If they choose to work in their field of study & not at the RBNDT or its innovation entities, students must serve as an advisor to the RBNDT or its innovation entities for a period equivalent to the years they have been funded

        • Students are required to complete vacation work at the RBNDT or its innovation entities during university holidays unless they find vacation work directly linked to their degree 

          Application process

          Applications must be completed on StudyTrust’s online platform before 30 September 2022.

          The following documents will have to be uploaded:

          • Certified copy of ID

          • Proof of all academic results to date (Gr 11 final results, Gr 12 certificate or mid-year results)

          • Proof of combined household income

          • Proof of provisional admission to a tertiary institution

          • Certificate of good conduct from high school

          • Proof of RBN heritage in the form of a stamped letter from your Kgosana stating the Kgotla that you belong to & confirming that you are from the Bafokeng Nation – only Bafokeng students will be considered. UPLOAD TOGETHER WITH PROOF OF ADDRESS UNDER THE “PROOF OF ADDRESS” SECTION IN THE ONLINE APPLICATION FORM.

          • Motivate why you should be selected for this scholarship – we want to know how your degree will help you change the RBN and the world for the better in the future.  PLEASE TYPE YOUR ANSWER UNDER THE “PERSONAL STATEMENT” SECTION OF THE APPLICATION (1,000 WORD LIMIT).

          PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU SELECT THE ROYAL IMPACT FUTURES SCHOLARSHIP UNDER “CHOOSE YOUR SPONSOR” IN THE ONLINE APPLICATION FORM. Your application will be considered for all other StudyTrust-managed bursaries you qualify for should you not succeed with the Royal Impact Futures Scholarship.

          Closing date

          The closing date for submitting your completed application form with all supporting documents is 23:59 on 30 September 2022.

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